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Visual Art

Visual art at Bowen State High School is broken down into two sections – Making and Responding.
Making in Visual Art involves students using processes, techniques, knowledge and skills to make artworks.  Students learn through actions such as experimenting, conceptualising, reflecting, performing, communicating and evaluating.  They draw on the practices of their own and other cultures and times.  The ongoing process of refining and resolving their work is essential to learning in Visual Art as much as is creating a finished artistic work.

Responding in Visual Art involves students, as both artists and audiences, exploring, responding to, analysing, interpreting and critically evaluating artworks they experience.  Students learn to understand, appreciate and critique the arts through the critical and contextual study of artworks and by making their own artworks.  Learning through making is interrelated with and dependent upon responding.  Students learn by reflecting on their making and critically responding to the making of others.




Art  in Practice (General), Visual Art in Practice (Applied). Recommended LOA for Year 10, ‘B’ in Art for Senior Art.

Focuses on two dimensional techniques and various ways of viewing and expressing reality.
For instance, students will explore:
¨       drawing
¨       painting
¨       pattern
¨       stylisation
¨       abstraction
¨       appropriation.
Furthermore, students will investigate three dimensional techniques such as:
¨       clay construction
¨       wire construction
¨       ephemera
¨       wearable art.
Students will complete a variety of assessment items to gather information on student’s progress within the
‘Making’ strand and ‘Responding’ strand.
These include:
¨     Projects
¨       Making artworks
¨     Responding to artworks (theory)
¨     Assignments
This is invaluable preparation for many vocations including:
¨   architecture
¨   teaching
¨   engineering
¨   curating
¨   town planning
¨   marketing
¨   advertising
¨   fashion design
¨   film and television
¨   industrial design
¨   retail display
¨   illustrating
¨   arts administration
¨   interior design
¨   practicing artist
Senior Assessment
Assessment: General subject- Art in Practice
Year 11 formative assessment
Unit 1
Unit 2
Formative internal assessment 1 (IA1):
·  Project
Formative internal assessment 3 (IA3):
·  Project
Formative internal assessment 2 (IA2):
·  Product
Formative internal assessment (IA4):
·  Product

Year 12 Summative Assessment
Unit 1
Unit 2
Summative internal assessment 1 (IA1):
·  Project
Summative internal assessment 3 (IA3):
·  Project
Summative internal assessment 2 (IA2):
·  Product
Summative internal assessment (IA4):
·  Product
Assessment: Applied subject- Visual Arts in Practice

For Visual Arts in Practice, assessment from Units 3 and 4 is used to determine the student’s exit result, and consists of four instruments, including:
·       at least two projects, with at least one project arising from community connections
·       at least one product (composition), separate to an assessable component of a project.