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Established in 1961, Bowen State High School, has a proud history of delivering exemplary education for the young people of Bowen. The School Motto AD OMNIA PARATUS has guided the school over the years. The translation from the Latin is Prepared for all Things. Our mission of a quality education in a caring, disciplined environment seeks to prepare our students for adult life. Students have access to diverse possibilities and opportunities. The learning environment and educational programs, combined with high expectations and personalised support, underpins our philosophy to learning.

Bowen State High School is committed to engaging students holistically by developing individual strengths and talents, a love of learning and the capacity to achieve and improve. We value our school’s diversity of cultural backgrounds and abilities. This informs a range of perspectives and practices that underpin our inclusive and quality learning initiatives. Guided by the school’s pedagogical framework Visible Teaching and Visible Learning through a universal design of learning, our school is focused on developing teachers adaptive, innovative and future-focused educational practitioners. Collaboratively teachers analyse data and engage in reflective and informed quality teaching practices to implement a differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of individual students.

The school is recognised for its strong traditional values which are embedded in a caring and supportive environment. With a student population reaching 709, our school is large enough to offer significant diversity and something for everyone, while ensuring that every student is valued as an individual who is encouraged and supported. We proudly uphold the best of State education - opportunity to succeed regardless of personal circumstance. Our aim is to ‘prepare our students for all things’, and we believe that learning and the consequential pursuit of knowledge develops and enables our students to be prepared for the future, by growing academically and socially and attaining their best.

Our school positions itself as a community of creative learners that includes students, teachers, parents and the wider community. We systematically and collaboratively access resources and apply new knowledge within a safe learning environment. The staff of our school have developed a range of diverse and modified curriculum, sporting and cultural programs for our students. These programs have been instrumental in the outstanding results being achieved by our students. Paramount in the achievement of educational quality is a shared belief that such an ideal can be attained in a school climate that is supportive, caring, regulated, positive and inclusive. We aim to foster and encourage the development of quality teacher/student relationships built on mutual respect.

We're delighted to be able to share our school with you and welcome all to be a part of the Bowen State High community. We encourage parents to work closely with us to ensure young people in our care develop their unique potential and use their knowledge and abilities to create a better future for all.

Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020