Principal's welcome


Welcome to Bowen State High School. Our school is a vibrant, inclusive and exciting place where our students are encouraged to 'Be Prepared for all Things’. I am pleased to welcome you to our site which is the virtual online version of the school. We have included information about the processes and practices of the school to assist you with participating in the life of this great school. We have an excellent reputation in the wider community for outstanding achievements across academic, sporting and cultural areas and students are provided with opportunities to achieve their personal best. Our school is founded on strong values 'respect, learning and community’. These values form the basis for strong relationships with each other, the way we learn, work and achieve success in a supportive and diverse learning environment.


Our relationship with our parents and the community is strong, and is a key driver of our student success. We welcome and encourage parents to engage fully with the school and the educational experiences of our students. Our Parents and Citizens Association have a strong and active part in our school and I encourage you to become involved by attending meetings, using services and participating in decision making. Working together, we can ensure that the students of Bowen State High school continue to achieve their highest potential in and outside of the classroom. Your involvement, partnership and support are greatly appreciated during the school year as we work to continue to build and maintain our programs and processes.


The talent and abilities of our students is breathtaking and the commitment of our teachers is evident in both teacher commitment to the school’s tutoring program (HUB) and the number of co-curricular activities available to students after school and on weekends. There is no better school in Queensland which provides the opportunities and guidance to achieve during school, gain qualifications to access work, training or university after school and enjoy a range of experiences along the way.


Bowen State High School has an excellent reputation in the wider community for outstanding achievement across academic, cultural and sporting areas. We consistently attain academic results that place our students among the best in the nation. Literacy and Numeracy are key within all subject studies - a fact that is demonstrated each year, with NAPLAN results showing relative gains across all strands. Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy similar to those of like schools, and state and national averages. We have again gained excellent results from our graduating students, Over 80% of our OP students received an OP1-15. 100% of our students have achieved a QCE or QCIA and all of our students whom applied to QTAC were successful in receiving an offer.


We will make every effort so that all students will become successful members of society and are able to compete in an increasingly complex world in which they will work and live. I anticipate an exciting year as we collectively strive to foster a culture of learning and success. I feel extremely fortunate to be working with such an exceptional group of students, families and staff members. Working together as a team with our staff and parents, I am committed to helping each student achieve success. Every student is valued and worthy of our best effort. The year will be busy, exciting, challenging and rewarding for each student. We want you to join us in making this the very best and successful experience for your children. Being informed will help. Throughout the year our school website, Facebook page, school calendar and periodic newsletters will provide you with the most current information. However many times you will have questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the school or any of our teachers.


I am confident that this year will be an outstanding school year and look forward to working with the students, staff, school families and community members to continue the growth and achievements of Bowen State High school.



Pam Prichard


Bowen State High School

Last reviewed 07 October 2020
Last updated 07 October 2020