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Student leadership

Student Leadership

Students at BSHS are actively encouraged to undertake leadership positions during their high schooling.  Opportunities exists across all year levels and include the School and House Captains, Student Council, Blue Badge commitments as well as roles in sporting teams.  Students are mentored in these positions by staff and peers. Their contribution is valued by the school community as they play a key role in the planning, decision making and running of the school and associated events.​​​​

Farewell from the 2015 School Leaders


Kali Chidley

This year has been beyond incredible for me personally, especially with the added privilege of being School Captain. Over my final year, as an entire school, we have achieved feats beyond our expectations, both through charity events and contributions to the school community. I have been proud to represent Bowen State High School as a School Captain, and am appreciative of the experiences I have had this year in learning to expand my skills and work as an individual and in a team. 2015 has truly been a rewarding year.


Personally, this year has been the most incredible experience. The memories and skills that I’ve obtained from being elected a School Captain will forever be cherished. I’m so grateful I was provided with this opportunity. Being a leader is more than just wearing a badge, it’s allowed me to ​run parades, organise multiple events and have my input heard throughout the school. Because of this, I’ve grown to be more confident and appreciative. It excites me knowing that in a matter of days we will all be in the ‘real world’ and high school will just be a memory. But luckily for me, that memory will remain by my side for the rest of my life! 

Lynsie Hammond

Ben Wilson

I have really enjoyed many of the opportunities offered to me in my Grade 12 year as School Captain. Looking back I never thought I would have been able to carry off so many public speaking roles and this has been so good for my self- confidence. I appreciated people looking to me for advice and tried to help as best I could. I really enjoyed my role in fostering inter-grade relationships through lunchtime sport and hope that all grades have seen this as a positive team building experience.


2015 was an eventful year which encompassed the development of many leadership capabilities. Through community events and activities I gained a new found respect for those who dedicate time to give back to the community. Although the year saw may successes, it didn’t come without its fair amount of stress and fear. But remember fear causes hesitation and hesitation causes our greatest fears to come true.

Joshua Turkilson