Bowen State High School inclusive practices focus on co-teaching in general classrooms.

Co-teaching increases the competence and confidence of general classroom teachers to use differentiated practices as strategiesto reach and include learners of all ability levels thereby improving the outcomes of all students.

What is co-teaching?

Co-teaching is a service delivery option for students who receive support for special education, learning support, extension and other specialized services (for example, ESL - English as Second Language). 

Co-teaching is a vehicle used for providing those services within the context of the general education classroom instead of sending students to a separate setting for that purpose.

These are the critical characteristics of co-teaching

  • Co-teaching is implemented by two professionals with equivalent qualifications but different areas of expertise. One partner usually is a general education teacher. The other can be a special educator or ESL teacher but could also be a speech/language therapist, school psychologist or another professional.
  • The goal of co-teaching is the provision, within the general education setting, of the specialized instruction needed by identified students.
  • Co-teachers have a reciprocal relationship and share instructional responsibilities. Both teachers have ownership of all students and work together to effectively maximize the learning of all students in the classroom.               
  • Instruction takes place in a single shared classroom, exceptions occurring when students have alternative provisions (e.g.  Testing in a separate setting) or the instructional activity is best carried out in two settings (e.g. some students are in the media centre using computers while others are in the classroom using print materials).
  • Co-teachers negotiate their roles. The intent is to take advantage of the expertise each professional brings to the partnership, setting aside assumptions about traditional responsibilities and forging new ways of thinking about teaching and learning.

Which classes are co-teaching classes? This is usually determined by which classes have students that require additional support for special education, learning support, extension or other specialised services.​

Teacher voice

I have come quite a distance in knowing how to differentiate for all learners through co-teaching.

I feel competent in catering for different learning styles using different strategies

Co teaching has been a very useful experience and the skills and practices involved I now use in my other classes – Nick Johnson

My confidence level has improved towards differentiation through simplifying content and modifying work for students as well as using curriculum to classroom activities for extensions for our upper 2 band students – Co teaching has been a great process where I have been able to impart my knowledge on other teachers and assist them in differentiating for other students in general classrooms.

SOSE HOD Stuart Butwell

I have been co teaching for almost a year as an English teacher and also the STLAN. My competency and confidence with differentiation has improved, delivering instruction has improved as well as my ability to identify the learning needs for a range of students and plan for those students.

STLAN Sarah Taylor

As the STALN Sarah now co teaches as a specialist with general classroom teachers imparting her knowledge of literacy, literacy instructional strategies, differentiation and learning support to other teachers within the general classroom.

Student voice

Year 9 student – my learning levels have increased since co teaching started in our classroom

Everyone feels included because there’s 2 teachers helping them

Students are engaged because if they don’t know how to do something there are two teachers to help you understand

Year 9 student: it has affected me because I am more engaged with the class because 2 teachers teach.  One teacher can also teach something different, I could be learning something new with another teacher.

I was on a C and then I moved to a B now on my last assessment I am an A.

It feels more subdued, quieter and focused because one teacher can take a student and help them and the class can move on.

I think students are more engaged because a co teacher can help someone while the other teacher continues teaching- if 1 person doesn’t understand there is always someone to help

Activities are more meaningful.

I feel more engaged with the teachers.

I think it is easier for the teachers because they understand where each student is at .

Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020